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The Burwell School House Restoration Project

The Historic Hillsborough Commission is working to restore the 1837 School House on the grounds of the Burwell School Historic Site.  We are grateful to the Marion Stedman Covington Foundation for their generous support of this project. The Covington Foundation pledged a $9,000 challenge grand to the commission, which we must match with $9,000 raised from community supporters like you!  Click here to learn how you can support this critical project

1837 School House Building, often referred to as the “Music Building”

The School House building was last restored in 1979. The scope of the current restoration includes the replacement of the roof, repointing of the masonry and repair of the interior plaster.  Each activity is outlined below:

  • First, the project will replace the building’s roof to weatherproof the structure.  The west side of the roof and the area surrounding the chimney has suffered severe moisture damage, and the entire roof requires replacement.  We will replace the current cedar shingle style roof with a standing seam roof to better match the main residence, increase durability and better fit the architectural practices of the interpreted period at the site.
  • Second, we will repair and repoint the brick masonry to ensure the integrity of the structure.  The brickwork has eroded on the south and east sides of the building, and the mortar has deteriorated significantly throughout.  We will demolish the existing mortar joints and repoint them with historically correct and aesthetically matched mortar.  The site has a store of bricks leftover from the original 1837 construction, in case any require replacement.  We will also repair the chimney and add a cap to prevent further damage.  Finally, we will remove the whitewash from the bricks and replace it with an environmentally friendly wash. 
  • Third, the project will repair the interior plaster and remediate the mold and moisture issues in the School House.  Early signs of mold and significant water damage are apparent, especially on the west side of the building and the walls supporting the chimney.  We will use historically appropriate materials and methods to reconstruct the plaster.
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