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[Unknown] Davis

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At a Glance

Miss Davis was one of two young Davis sisters who came to the Burwell School in the aftermath of their mother's death. They came to Hillsborough, NC with their grandmother, Mrs. Joseph Watters II (or Mary Hyrne Watters) and with an older sister, Rebecca Davis. Their mother died and left nine children--two of whom were sent to the Burwell School [1].


A Mrs. Robina Hogg Norwood recounted the circumstances of the Davis girls' sad tale in a letter to her daughter on 9 July 1846:

"My worthy old friend Mrs. Watters is now with us. She came up to bring two of her Grand Daughters [sic] Mrs. Davis's youngest children to school to Mrs. Burwell. Mrs. D. left nine--2 sons & seven daughters think of that--but the youngest is almost grown. Mrs. W. seems very weak & feeble but...Miss Rebecca Davis an older sister is with her to take care of her."

These two Davis daughters would have attended school in the autumn session of 1846 and possibly succeeding sessions, but there is no mention of their names in the Burwell School Catalogue of 1848-1851.

It is also possible that the Dr. [Unknown] Davis of Pittsboro, NC who sent his daughter to the Burwell School in 1856 was also a member of the Watters family [1].

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