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Sarah Sitgreaves Attmore


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At a Glance

Sarah Attmore is the descendant of the well-known Philadelphia, PA merchant, William Attmore. Born in 1833, Sarah (Sally) Attmore lived most of her life in New Bern, NC. She was the daughter of George and Mary Attmore and one of multiple children [1].


It is uncertain as to when Sally Attmore attended the Burwell School but it is thought that she attended sometime in the 1840s either before or after the Burwell School Catalogue of 1848-51 [2] was printed. She would have been fifteen in 1848. Sally was one of a number of New Bern, NC girls at the Burwell School. Others included: Mary Anne Primrose  (her future sister-in-law), Mary Snead Chapman , Catharine Chapman , Caroline E. Cowan , Janet Hollister , Cassandra Harrison , and Hannah Hawks .

On December 17, 1857, at the age of twenty-four, Sally married twenty-nine-year-old Scotsman Robert Stuart Primrose of New Bern, NC. Robert Stuart Primrose was the brother of Burwell student, Mary Anne Primrose . (Robert and Mary Ann's other brother Cicero Stevens Primrose went on to marry another Burwell student from New Bern, NC--Mary Snead Chapman .) Sally had one son with Robert Stuart who married but died without issue. She died at the age of forty-nine in 1882 and is buried in the Old Cedar Grove Cemetery in New Bern, NC in New Bern, NC, North Carolina [1].

Biographical Data

Sarah was called Sally.

Important Dates

Sarah Sitgreaves Attmore was born in 1833. She died in 1882, and was buried in New Bern, NC.

Places of Residence

  • New Bern, NC, between 1833 and 1857. Sally lived during her childhood and until her marriage in the lovely Attmore-Oliver House at 511 Broad Street, a block away from Tryon Palace in New Bern.

    The Attmore-Oliver House with its great twin chimneys is said to have been built c. 1790 by Samuel Chapman, a prominent citizen and mason. In 1954, the New Bern Historical Society purchased and resorted it, and it now serves as its headquarters [1].

  • Hillsborough, NC, from 1840. Sally lived in Hillsborough, NC during her time studying at the Burwell School. The exact dates she attended the school are uncertain but she is thought to have attended in the 1840s, before or after the time the Burwell School Catalogue of 1848-51 [2] was printed [1].

Schools Attended

  • Burwell School, from 1840. Although the years Sally attended the Burwell School are unknown, she is thought to have attended sometime in the 1840s, before or after the Burwell School Catalogue was printed. She was one of several girls from New Bern to attend the Burwell School at the time. One of those students was Mary Anne Primrose whose brother (Robert Stuart Primrose) would marry Sally [1].



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