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Rosa Sellers

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At a Glance

Rosa Sellers and Frances A. Sellers  were sisters from Sampson County, NC [1].


Rosa Sellers was the younger sister of Frances A. Sellers . Mrs. Burwell (Margaret Anna Robertson) mentions Rosa in writing to her daughter Fanny (Frances Armistead Burwell ) in (New York on February 8, 1856:  "It just shows how people can get the wrong end of the story. Nothing tho' seems unaccountable to me since the  "Brown ribbon"  story the late Frank Sellers told of Rosa's being so abominably treated here as to excite the compassion of _____[page torn]."  The  "Brown ribbon"  story was a tale to the effect that Burwell students were required to wear brown ribbon bands around their necks to save laundering white collars. Frank Sellers may have been the father or brother of Rosa Sellers and Frances A. Sellers .

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