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Mary Smith


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At a Glance

Mary never married. Her father, Samuel Henry Smith, in 1828 was assigned to Spring Grove Presbyterian Church and in 1836 was preacher at Geneva Presbyterian Church, Granville County NC. Her parents’ family homes were Abrams Plains, Granville County NC and Mt. Tirzah, Person County NC. Mary Smith and her sister Sarah Smith  of Granville County, NC attended the Burwell School as boarding students c. 1845 [1].


Mary Smith was the oldest of the five cousins who attended the Burwell School. She probably was no longer there when her younger cousins attended. After her father died in 1846, Mary and her sisters Martha and Fidelia lived in the household of Lacey W. Moore, whose daughter Soprhronia, then 20 years old, also had attended the Burwell School.

Fanny Smith, Rebecca Cameron Smith, and Mary Ivy Smith, all daughters of Richard Ivy Smith and aunt Mary Amis Goodwin Smith of Hycotee, Caswell County attended the Burwell School with their cousins Mary and Sallie. Richard Ivy Smith and Mary and Sallie’s father Rev. Samuel H. Smith were first cousins [1] [2].

Biographical Data

Important Dates

Mary Smith was born in 1834, in Granville County, NC. She died in 1860.

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Schools Attended



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