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Bettie S. Morris

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At a Glance

Bettie S. Morris was a Hillsborough, NC resident. Her descendants were still living in Hillsborough, NC at the time of Mary Claire Engstrom's research into the lives of the students who attended the Burwell School [1].


Bettie S. Morris was almost certainly the daughter of tavern-keeper Robert F. Morris. She is listed in the Burwell School Catalogue of 1848-51 [2] and presumably was a student in the late 1840's, about the time of Robert F. Morris's purchase of Faddis Tavern in Hillsborough, NC. She would have been a day student residing with her family at the tavern. The Thomas B. Morris listed as a student in the Catalogue of the Caldwell Institute 1848-1849 [3] (printed by Dennis Heartt) would likely have been Bettie S. Morris's brother.

Bettie S. Morris married John A. Cox on December 9, 1852, according to the Orange County Marriage Bonds. The Reverend Robert Burwell officiated [1].

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